55 yıldır tüm ahşap ihtiyaçlarında
güç ve güvenin simgesiyiz.
Ham maddenin büyük çoğunluğunu
yurt dışından ithal ediyoruz.

About Us

Naturalness comes to forefront in every stage of life and wood rises in importance. Wood presents all its force and magnificent simplicity to humanity for homes, visit web offices, web communal living spaces and industrial packages. It reveals the natural beauty of life. BAŞATLAR providing service for construction sector, sick furniture sector and industrial enterprises with its wood package products has 100.000 m3 wood processing capacity in Ukraine and 80.000 m3 in Bursa per annum. Additionally, it produces 150.000 cases and 120.000 pallets per annum in wood package sector.

The location of its production site (Bursa) and its proximity to Gemlik and Mudanya ports save time and economic condition. Moreover, its rapid and work production of good quality and its timely delivery of work make the corporate marketing principles of Başatlar. Başatlar adopting ?Win-Win? service philosophy aims firstly the profit of its customer and then its own profit. Sale starts with service; considering this, Başatlar starts a brand-new service tradition. It enables its customers to save their time with its on-site packaging service opportunity. Its proprietary product Pallet Box provides economy with its durable and reliable package structure. It creates the opportunity to use in many sectors from automotive to textile, furniture to electronics. It provides substantial solutions for packaging problems with its special package opportunity for all kinds of products thanks to its high and wide optional dimensions.

Başatlar is the first company having ISO 9001:2000 certificate of quality for Wood Package design in Turkey. It continues its operations in order to produce and design all kinds of innovative products that it needs for industrial wood package in Turkey. With its short and medium term goals, it aspires to increase the amount of use and range of industrial wood package, to serve especially companies for import, to provide and create organization in the field of on-site shipment preparation service and to generate models reducing the operating expenses of enterprises. Additionally, growing as a productive company, providing the sector development and supporting the companies with which it associates to expand are among its goals. Başatlar combining the production quality of world standards with total quality consciousness aims to raise the standard quality level with permanent training programs. Moreover, long use of good quality products of Başatlar contributes to the protection of nature balance and the realization of an important mission.

Başatlar knows very well that it should love wood in order to process wood. We have lived our wood passion by always feeling the wood for 55 years. For this reason, we have used advanced technology for years. We have always produced and processed this product the most precious of the nature with high quality.

Our Vision

  • BAŞATLAR is here to produce and design wood-based innovative products that Turkey needs for industrial packaging.
  • BAŞATLAR presents products of advanced technology and conforming to quality standards to its customers in global market.
  • Our vision is to be the fists company coming to mind when it comes to industrial packaging and on-site shipment preparation as well as developing the use of wood package and presenting products to sectors.

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • Cooperation
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Solution finding

Our Mission

  • To sustain the relationship with customer and markets.
  • BAŞATLAR always handles necessary activities for the development of workforce.
  • It accepts the production conforming to quality standards as a basic principle. It makes effort to improve continuously its current quality structure.
  • BAŞATLAR aims to provide and perpetuate the customer satisfaction in its products and services.
  • BAŞATLAR tries to play an active role in the sector for generating solutions for wood package and different materials and designing a product.
  • BAŞATLAR is aware of social responsibility. It plays an active role for fulfilling the requirements of vocational and other educational institutions such as scholarship, tools and equipment.
  • Growing as a productive company, providing the sector development and supporting the companies with which it associates to expand are among its goals.

Reliability of Başatlar;

It is a corporate company abiding by the laws, respecting the social environment, providing a fair, well-arranged and good work environment for our staff in which our stakeholders wants to carry on business with us, providing services and presenting products that our customers can trust in our prices, quality and after-sale services.

Cooperation of Başatlar;

It makes each of us ready for taking rapid and efficient decisions and keeps us strong, dynamic and competent by combining the force of synergy and knowledge created by both our staff and all departments with our principle of shared decision making and implementing.

Flexibility of Başatlar;

To perceive rapidly the changing customer needs and the conditions of competition and accordingly to realize our production, sales and marketing strategies

Creativity of Başatlar;

It is always aware of the changing customer needs (product, service). Thanks to our continuous creativity, we are always perceived as the one that is different and makes different.

Solution finding of Başatlar;

It starts with fulfilling the customer needs and takes action on behalf of the customer and makes the customer happy with its products and services designed for these needs and with its staff and stakeholders given extensive knowledge and authority.

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