Where is it used?

  • Automotive
  • Carrying of high-tonnage materials

What is it?

It is a carrying material made of wood used in loadings. It is easy-to-use for reducing the workforce and storage costs. It consists of four sections as wooden top boards, viagra carrying boards, blocks and bottom lining boards.
Worldwide standards were set for wooden pallet production at the present time. One of these standards Epal and the other one is ISPM 15 standard. EPAL standard is related to dimension and type of vehicle used. ISPM standard means heat treatment. This treatment is the process of killing bacteria forming in a tree and it is made in special drying kiln. None of the packaging materials to be used in exportation can be taken out of the country without being subjected to this process.

Areas of usage

  • It is used for importing, exporting, storing, transporting and transferring to related department in manufacturing stage of materials in many sectors primarily in automotive sector.
  • Carrying of high-tonnage materials can only be carried out by forklift. Wooden pallet is used for this purpose.
  • Materials waiting for transport in warehouses or production facilities are kept on pallet. Thus, as the materials are no longer in contact with the surface, their cleaning and safety are provided.