Where is it used?

  • Construction sector
  • Furniture sector
  • Transportation and shipbuilding
  • Packaging

What is it?

It is a panel consisting of wood layers. It is a light material even if it has good mechanical strength. It is produced in a way that its layer number is generally uneven. The external layers are generally parallel to long dimension of the panel. The successive layers are glued perpendicularly. This production type is a structure withstanding shock effects to occur by vibration increasing the resistance.

Plywood which is a mold material used increasingly today substituted for traditional wood molds for exposed concrete. As known, nurse Plywood is divided into two types as film faced and bare.

Contrary to common opinion, generic the difference between them is not about strength. It affects only the concrete surface. It is right to use film faced materials on surface that cannot be mortared and this provides bright exposed concrete. As for surfaces to be mortared, pills it is required to use bare plywood. Concrete surface taken in bare materials is exposed but bright. Due to this specification, it enables to mortar.

Consequently, it is proper to use film faced materials for forming surfaces that cannot be mortared and to use bare materials on surfaces to be mortared which are not bright.

Başatlar Plywood Dimensions

  • 18 mm thickness and 1250×2500 dimensions.
  • It has 9 and 13 layers.
  • WBP glue was used.