Where is it used?

What is it?

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a wooden material which is resistant to moisture and impacts.
We can say that OSB is a standard kiln-dried and processed timber at 122 x 244 cm dimension. However, its quality and strength have superior specifications in comparison with other timbers, because OSB is produced as suitable for its dimension in auto controlled machines in special electronic moisture controlled environment. It is a wood substitute and used in nearly all places where wood is used. It is highly resistant to water and moisture.
OSB consists of 3 layers. Each layer is placed perpendicularly. High mechanical performance is provided by overlapping wood layers smaller than 1 mm.

Technical Specifications

  • Resistant to moisture and impact
  • Color change is provided by using dye and polish.
  • It is a functional wood material due to its price advantage, standard dimension and ease of application.
  • It can be nailed by corrosion-resistant nail.

OSB quality and dimensions

  • Başatlar can supply 9-11-15-18-22 mm goods. As quality, there are OSB-2 and OSB-3.