What is it?

IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) of which our country is a member is liable to take necessary precautions and spread the pest control throughout the country by determining standards bearing the name ISPM. Pests in wood package materials used in international trade are carried from a country to another country and spread. IPPC General Assembly accepted a standard named ISPM 15 for phitosanitary cleaning of the products used in wood package production. Our country should comply with this standard and put into force until 1 March 2005. All wood package materials developed and managed officially by International Plant Protection Convention in exporting country should be properly processed (Heat treatment or Fumigation Methyl Bromide) and marked.
Within the scope of these works, it was decided that IPPC standard should be put into effect as of 2004 and started to be executed formally in March 2005. Experimental works were completed in the later 2004 and Company Code number and marking brought into service were taken from General Directorate for Protection and Control. Accordingly, BAŞATLAR completing its works by fulfilling the conditions of standards applies HEAT TREATMENT (HT) for all materials (case, pallet, etc.) considered necessary as stated by the standard.

What is Heat Treatment?

6 mm or thicker wooden materials are filled into a kiln and heated until material temperature reaches 56C°. When this temperature is reached, the process of kiln-drying continues 30 minutes more. After then holding and cooling process are applied and the process is completed by branding. The whole of all processes are completed within about 8 hours. IPPC marking TR-050 DB HT is written within the brand.
Country code, company code number. DB means debarked, HT means heat-treated.
As Başatlar, 95% of our customers consist of automotive key and supply industries. Our customers export all products that we produce; therefore we have authorization and approval of the capacity of making heat treatment. As Başatlar, our major objective is to satisfy the developing and changing customer demands and to provide sustainable customer satisfaction.