Why EPAL-Pallet?

  • International circulation
  • Multithreading
  • Pool system
  • Eco-friendly

What is it?

It is a pallet that can be manufactured with a license only issued by European Pallet Association (EPAL). It has a wide distribution and production network. The dimensions, ampoule humidity rate, stomach metal mails, illness mounting coordinates of EPAL pallets and the dimensions of boards used have specific standards determined by EPAL. EPAL issues a license for enterprises that it considers appropriate after its audits in companies applying for manufacturing pallets and EPAL Pallet can only be manufactured by licensed companies. Companies getting EPAL license are controlled continuously by audits made with/without notice by international independent auditing firm. A license is issued by EPAL for the repair of EPAL pallets having lifetime 10 times more than white pallets. Companies having repair license like producer companies are audited continuously before and after the license by the Independent Auditing Firm with which EPAL made an agreement.

Technical Specifications of EPAL Pallet

  • Its dimension is 80×120 cm.
  • Thickness of board is 22mm.
  • There are 20 structural components.
  • There are 11 boards.
  • There are 9 blocks.
  • There are 78 nails.
  • It is under quality assurance provided by Independent Auditing Firm.
  • Only dried wood is used for Euro-pallets. Thus, fungal growth is prevented.
  • It is possible to recognize Euro-pallets from normed nail picture. Nails that are driven only in this way ensure the required durability.
  • There is no timber edge in lateral boards. This ensures the force and durability.
  • Complete Branding Markings: There are three branded markings in long edges of Euro-pallets.
  • Bottom boards of Euro-pallet are chamfered. Thus, its usage is more comfortable.

Başatlar carries out the penetration process of Euro-pallet on full-automatic penetration lines having the latest system. It makes the penetration process with its certificate of authority numbered TR-013.